Thomas Pero (ed.)  A PASSION FOR GROUSE

A contemporary look at all aspects of grouse

hunting including biology, dogs, guns, strategies

and tactics – plus, stories from the stone walls 

of New England to the Appalachians and the

poplars of the Great Lakes.  560 pgs. $100.00

Tom Kelly, NO PLACE TO HIDE. Tom is still producing the best

turkey hunting books.  SIGNED  Order today  $35.00

Tom Word's new book, "GENTLEMEN, LET 'EM GO" is a coming of age novel

About a boy and his dog.  Limited edition of 500 copies.  Order now - $65.00


Once in a while a special book comes along.  Noppadol Paothong's SAVE THE LAST DANCE is a spectacular tribute to the 9 species of prairie grouse that are in trouble.  Through amazing photography and the well-spoken words of Joel Vance, you will be in the field with these wonderful birds.  $50, postage extra






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